They’re not dead.

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Just a little post to tell you guys that these two are still doing great in game! Their future right now in another storyline of The Shadow is nada though as by popular vote people on Tumblr wanted me to start my Sims 2 Bustin’ Out story.  So these two will wait…or will they?


Salem Ryder unfortunately was not remade after my game crash in the summer.  She could always make a comeback, but right now I don’t see a reason to involve her.


Some Photo

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So as I was moving and REmaking The Gang I wondered about another before and after shot…Nova’s to be more exact. 

A little history here:

The first time I made Nova…I never played him…except to pose him for group pictures (sadly none of them survived the initial first meteorshower of Dude, the former laptop [2006]).  Then came TS3 in 2009 and Nova and his story The Shadow was, I suppose, a success.  However, between retiring Dude, getting the “now” laptop, Chrome, removing TS3 from it after some major difficulties and getting the PC, Vivian, then moving TS3 to it…then TS3 just becoming a huge pain in the ass all together.  I decided TS3 wasn’t for me.  Back to TS2.  Nova is a popular character and through his creation, he has always been pretty awesome.

His character has expanded through the years though.  Like Jack of The Gang, Nova’s a work in progress…although, Nova only has the three makes as Jack has 13 or 14…but Nova will always be one of my all time favorite characters. 🙂

Working on a Name

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What was called A Nova Story is now Reowned Promises…not sure if the name will stay that, but who knows.  As one the page “Reowned Promises” is a brief description of that UPcoming story (if the poll passes on Sounds of Hell) and Character Spotlights…so enjoy!


Nobody Move

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So The Shadow is now moved here…you’ll notice that the comments are from me, but if it states that “bo says” well, it originally came from that person in the original thread, but because it is moved it has to be under my name. [sigh] It was a lot of aggravation, but this will be The Shadow‘s permanent home now.  The Gang will continue to be on Sounds of Hell.

biscuits and gravy 8)

It comes from the Dark

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Just for The Shadow…